Pat Hood Point

Custom embroidery brooch!

35 EUR

Want an exclusive brooch for you? Have you got a sentence or a picture you would like to carry around? These tiny hoops are perfect for it! :D 

It's simple, five steps and your brooch will be ready in a jiffy!  

>Step 1: Choose the size of the brooch (3.2 cm, 2.8 cm or 5.5 cm)  
¡BE CAREFUL, small sizes does not fit for large designs! in that case your order will be canceled.If you have doubts about the size, write me before making the purchase. 

>Step 2: Choose the fabric color (white or beige)

>Step 3: Write with your order (in the message box which appears under your shipping and name details) what you want to embroider.

>Step 4: After 7 days (maximum) of receiving payment, you will be sent a sketch of the design. If you don't like it I will do it again!  

>Step 5: After you give the go ahead, your custom brooch will be headed to your home in a maximum of 30 days =)  

  • It is sent in a very careful packaging and ready to give away.
  • The shipping takes place in a maximun of 30 days after receiving the payment.
  • They are sent via certified mail with tracking number.  

Thanks for visiting!