Pat Hood Point

Decor Hoop hand embroidery "come in! We're open"

42 EUR

Because we all like to walk into a store and to be recieved with open arms and a big smile, and the first thing is to start with a welcoming door to invite us to enter.  If you have a coffee shop, bookstore, haberdashery, clothing store, bakery or any business in the world, with this poster of "Come in! We're open" there will be no human being on this planet who can resist seeing the wonders that hide behind your door =)  

Is completely handmade, with love and patience, by using DMC threads and beige AIDA canvas (also available in white). The back is topped with orange felt. And to be totally perfect, it comes with a red-orange ribbon ... ready to hang! =)  

The measures of the hoop are approximately 6.3 inch diameter (The length of the ribbon can be adjusted to the desired length)  

*** Each decor hoop comes with a small "kit" consisting of: ribbon and "easy hang gum", so you can place it on a wall or hang it wherever you want *** 

If you don't like some of the colors, or want to change the design and add the hours and days that your shop is open, do not worry, it can be customize to your liking, you just have to send me a message! 

  • They are sent in a very careful packaging, protected from harm, and ready to give away.
  • Each hoop it is made to order, so the shipping takes place in a maximum of 30 days after receiving the payment. Remember that it is completely handmade, and good work takes time =)
  • They are sent by certified mail with tracking number. 

           ***Soon be available "Sorry We're closed" *** 

Thanks for visiting!

**This pattern belongs to Pat Hood Point**