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Periodic table broochs. Choose your element, choose your color!

10 EUR

Each of these broochs represents an element of the periodic table with its atomic number.

They are small, bright and colorful. Perfect for your case, your lab coat, your bag ...You only have to choose which one is your favorite element and a color from the list. And if none of the colors convinces you, or you want a different design, you only have to send me a message and the brooch will be personalized as you wish.

(The list of colors is on the last photo and at the end of this description)  

****DON'T FORGET to write with the order the element you want!!!****
(in the message box which appears under your shipping and name details)

Each brooch has a size of 1.18 inch x 1.18 inch. They are completely hand embroidered with DMC threads on plastic canvas and finished with felt on the backside.

  • It is sent in a very careful packaging and ready to give away. 
  • Every brooch is made to order, so the shipping takes place 5 days after receiving the payment.
  • Shipment is made by normal mail to save costs.
    (If you prefer by registered or express mail, send me a message to adjust postage) 

Thanks for visiting!

 ***This pattern belongs to PatHoodPoint*** 

(Pencil case NOT included)